Gordenker Vineyards, Sonoma Valley


Brothers Allan and Rodion Gordenker founded Gordenker Turkey Farm in 1941. The initial parcel consisted of 26 acres in the heart of Glen Ellen—a narrow strip of property between Trinity Road and Highway 12. The farm was then fully involved in producing the then-common Bronze turkey, selling its meat under contract to the armed forces in order to help with the war effort. In 1955, Allan and his beloved wife Sara Leonor became the sole owners of the farm and purchased an adjacent property from the Weise family. The farm swiftly grew to 35,000 turkeys, producing eggs for Nicholas Turkey Breeding Farms. All turkey productions ended 1989.

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1. A young Allan (second from left), with his brother Rod (far right), and their friends Kenny Wiese, Jerry Miller, and Harry Wiese on the farm in 1938. 2. / Allan, his wife's father, Baptista Mori, and Joe Fernandez at Hog Lake in 1948. / 3. Allan's beloved wife, Sara Leonor.

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